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Homecoming 2022: Recap


Saturday – Homecoming Dance

The Homecoming Dance had a great attendance this year, improved with a photo booth, music, lights, and, of course, moshing to everyone’s favorite songs. As always, everyone looked great. Based on the amount of photo booth pictures- especially from the teachers- everyone seemed to have a great time while enjoying this year’s dance!

Monday – Music Monday

This year, each grade was assigned a certain music genre to dress up as. Freshmen were assigned pop, sophomores had rock, juniors embodied the disco theme, and seniors rocked the classic country look. As for teachers, they were told to dress up as their favorite musicians, during which a wide variety of genres and time periods came through. The music theme continued at lunch with karaoke dominated by Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, John Denver, and others. Students crowded Student Gov.’s table, waiting for the mic or to put in a song request. The day ended with contest results: Mr. Werle’s outstanding Elvis costume scored donuts for his homeroom, while the senior class won an out-of-uniform day for being voted best dressed grade in theme.

Elvis is in the building.

Tuesday – Tropical Tuesday

AHA was transformed into a tropical wonderland by blinding Hawaiian shirts, slides and crocs, grass skirts, inflatable palm trees, giant straw hats, and a stuffed shark in a lei. In between class periods, beach music was played throughout the school on the loudspeaker. At lunch, a Kahoot involving AHA teacher trivia kept students busy.

Palm trees offer shade on Tropical Tuesday.

Wednesday – BBQ dads vs. Soccer moms

The battle of soccer moms and BBQ dads begins! Grab your aprons, tongs, and dad-joke t-shirts, it’s grilling time! Or put on a vest, grab some coffee and go cheer on your kids! The star soccer moms of AHA provided students with snacks throughout the day (shoutout to Ann Kjorstad, Matthew Foley ‘23, and any other great moms that provided for the students). On the other hand, the BBQ dads provided laughs and entertainment in all classrooms. The day ended with a pepfest where students and teachers alike tried their hand at volleyball. Freshman beat out the junior class in the first round, with Sam Guilliatt ‘26 shining for the underclassmen. Seniors beat sophomores in the next round. The seniors continued their dominance through the swift defeat of the freshmen, with Jaylen Boehm-Peterson ‘23 dominating at the net and Steph Goedde ‘23 making a kick-save to keep the seniors alive. In the final round, the faculty and staff tried to put an end to the class of 2023’s victory streak but were unsuccessful. The seniors proved their place on top.

Students show off on Soccer Mom/BBQ Dad Day.

Thursday – School Mass

Thursday morning started off with “Anything But a Backpack Day,” where students brought laundry baskets, sleds, cradles, strollers, wagons, American Girl doll carriers, car parts, and anything else imaginable to store their school supplies. In between third and fourth period, the students and staff gathered in the gym for an all-school mass. Even though students had to be in uniform, each student personalized their typical AHA uniform with crazy socks. Zigzags, neon, stripes, polka dots, Christmas, fuzzy, animal, Halloween, knee high, sparkly – you name it!

Friday – School Spirit

On Friday, students sported their spirit wear with pride. At lunch, student government members ran bingo, giving students a chance to win free Taher cookies. The end of Homecoming Week was finished with a pepfest. Upon students’ arrival, the AHA DrumLine greeted new arrivals. During lunch, students and staff were encouraged to sign up to play a football tossing game at the end of the day. In a tie-breaking round, Molly O’Malley ‘24 and Mr. Devine won the football contest over Gabe Sullivan ‘23 and Mr. Mortl after the stakes were upped with a ‘one-handed catch’ rule. The fall dance team performed in the gym along with everyone’s favorite, AHA’s “Dancing with the Stars”. Finally, the faculty and staff came out for a dance. The “Staffliners” brought the pepfest and homecoming week as a whole to a successful close. Later that night, the Stars football team dominated against Benilde-St. Margaret’s, winning 41-7. The blackout student section showed great school spirit and cheered on their classmates, wrapping up an exciting homecoming week full of fun!

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