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Experiences of Some AHA’s Longest-Lasting Teachers


AHA has had some amazing teachers throughout its 145-year-history. Many teachers have come and gone; they may now be substitute teachers, they are enjoying retirement, or they are currently still teaching at AHA. But, only a few teachers were here at the beginning of the road- the road of the growth and recognition that AHA receives today. Some of our long-lasting teachers, Mr. DeCrans, Mr. Sawyer, and Mr. Woods, were interviewed to talk about their time here.

1. When did you begin teaching at AHA?

Mr. DeCrans: “2005…I think that was Mr. Hartmann’s freshman year!”

Mr Sawyer: “I have been at AHA for 40 years. I came to direct in 1982 and teach in ‘83.”

Mr. Woods: “I started teaching at AHA in 1987.”

2. Is there anything AHA used to have that you wished they still had today?

Mr. DeCrans:  “We used to have a class called American Experience. It was an American Literature and History class in one. I team-taught this class with an English teacher for many years. It was a really fun way to learn about our country’s history using art, music, poems, field trips, and lots more. The class was two periods a day all year, so we were able to forge close bonds with those students.”

Mr. Sawyer: “We used to have “Evening Academy”, which was Adult Education. Teachers would teach a 6-week, one night a week course of their choosing. It was fun, and well-attended, and a great boost of cash to the teachers who chose to offer a class.”

Mr. Woods: “I wish we still had [Family and Consumer Sciences] classes.”

3. Any advice to the current teachers and students here at AHA?

Mr. DeCrans: “Think critically – the world needs thoughtful leaders who can lead bravely and selflessly. Act justly – apply the Golden Rule personally, locally, and globally! READ MORE!”

Mr. Sawyer: “My advice to current students and staff – enjoy the time. It goes by very quickly and if you blink you will miss stuff.”

Mr. Woods: “’Be flexible.”

4. Why have you remained at AHA?

Mr. DeCrans: “I love working with my colleagues and getting to teach subjects I’m very passionate about to students who are going to make great adults and leaders some day.”

Mr. Sawyer: “I stay because AHA has always believed in Arts, education, and particularly theater.”

Mr. Woods: “The people who teach and attend AHA. ”

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