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Recap: AHA’s Take on CSW

Lily Calvo
Juniors celebrating their win in the Stars Pepfest Shootout.


Justin Gabrik ’25 and Cooper Hand ’25

To start the week, students dressed in red, white, and blue. This theme is a new feature amongst the usual choices, allowing for creative outfits to begin the festivities. There was school-wide participation, making the first day a success. Many students wore jerseys, sweatshirts, or accessories, such as festive hats, to enhance their outfits. Overall, this theme started the successful week on a positive note. 


Audrey Garton ’24, Libby Sebour ’24, and Izzy Long ’24

Tuesday features students wearing sweatshirts from colleges and universities all around the country. Some of the most popular sweatshirts were from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and University of Iowa. Many seniors wore the sweatshirts of the schools they plan to attend next year. This day coincided with the Junior College Planning Day, allowing juniors to wear the sweatshirts of colleges they plan to apply to. Overall, College Sweatshirt Day was the most popular theme as it garnered more participation than any other day. 


Alaina DeCrans ’24 and Ally Pellegrini ’24


  Wednesday’s theme of Western allowed students to dress in cowboy hats, jeans, bandanas, and even jorts. While some students participated, the theme did not prove popular as many students decided not to dress up. During lunch, the AHA student government hosted a Kahoot game for all students to join and have a chance to win. The Kahoot game was themed, “What state is this?” and engaged many students across all grades. The student who placed first was gifted a treat of their choice from the cafeteria, courtesy of Mr. Sawyer. Overall, Western Wednesday was a fun out-of-uniform day. 


Thursday was a great day for students and staff to experience the original intention of Catholic Schools Week. A mass was held on Thursday to honor the faith beginnings of this week and bring more positivity. There was no dress theme for Thursday due to the mass, but there was another Kahoot game at lunch filled with many fun trivia questions about the AHA teachers. Overall, Thursday was an amazing day to reflect on Catholic Schools Week and cherish what the whole week signifies.


Matthias Schaefer ’24, Landon Stenger ’24, and Brooke Wisdom ’24

The last day of the week was a day for all students to show their school spirit by coming to school in spirit wear. Many students wore their Homecoming overalls and sweatpants that were painted with AHA colors. At the end of the day, there was a pepfest to end the week on a positive note. There were many entertaining events, such as basketball shootouts and a dance routine performed by AHA staff. Students were given the opportunity to sign up during lunch and get randomly selected to represent their grade in the shootout. In the end, the juniors won the basketball competition after beating all of their opponents, ending with a very close round against the staff. Taught by the Starliners, AHA staff performed their yearly dance routine, energizing the students and ending the week with a day of school spirit. 


Saturday was the long-awaited day of the dance. There were many activities including spike ball, cornhole, and, of course, dancing. The dance floor was filled with high-energy AHA students celebrating after a fun Catholic Schools Week. If anyone was thirsty or hungry, a chocolate fountain and water station were right outside of the gym. Anyone could dip marshmallows, strawberries, pretzels, or even pineapples into the flowing chocolate. The dance was a great way to end the week and remind everyone of what it means to be part of the AHA community.

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